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Welcome to Sundance Pools

Sundance Pools was established in 1979 and offers a professional swimming pools service with a wealth of experience and long term security. Over those many years Sundance Pools has evolved and adapted while remaining a major force that is highly respected in the South African swimming pool industry.

Using all the latest technology and modern manufacturing techniques Sundance Pools is a leader in the field of manufacturing fibreglass pools in Cape Town. With new ownership since 2008 we strive to push the limits of innovation and service to even higher levels.

Why install a Sundance Pool this Winter:

Pool building is a seasonal business. We at Sundance Pools have seen this trend for many decades but still cannot fully understand the mind set of people who are considering installing a fibreglass pool for next summer season to wait until spring or summer before even making enquires and placing an order. Come the 1st of September our phones start ringing off the hook and the new season starts for us.

Bear in mind the client gets 2-3 quotes (from NSPI members is recommended) which takes a week or more, then they decide which company to choose to carry out the work (Sundance Pools, of course), then we have to have plans approved at council (usually 2-4 weeks) , then the pool builder can only start if he is ready at that point. Most installations take between 10-15 working days to complete on site.

So from when you make an enquiry about a pool to actually swimming in the completed installation you are looking at approximately 6-8 weeks in most cases.

So if you order a pool in the second week of September you will only be enjoying the pool halfway through November and you will have missed a month of that swimming season.

By mid October ALL the reputable pool builders are fully booked for the year so you will only get your pool installed in January the following year and only be swimming by the end of January with builders holidays etc causing further delays and that is only if you place an order before Christmas and the plans are approved, so half the season is wasted.

We would love to educate potential clients to order and install a pool during the winter months. The pool builders are less busy so you will get better service and attention, you will enjoy a full summer season and the prices will be better as the entire pool industry has an annual price increase when the new season starts. Not to mention your garden will recover beautifully in spring so your garden and entertainment area will be a whole new way of life for the entire family.

It really makes sense to install during winter for every reason. We know it does not feel great spending a lot of money on something you are not going to use straight away and the rain is pouring outside and the last thing on your mind is swimming but you will silently thank us in summer if you go ahead and do it in winter so as to enjoy a full and fun summer season ahead.

The fibreglass pool building process is not badly affected by the weather at all in Winter, most days we can work and the pavers are the only guys that sometimes get held up with the rain but generally the installation is smooth and not affected by the weather.