Pool Repairs

Sundance Pools carries out a number of different pool repairs and maintenance procedures to ensure that any worry over damage to your pool becomes a thing of the past. We specialise in the following pool repairs:

1. Cracks
2. Gel coat chips
3. New mosaic replacements
4. Fibreglass pool linings.

Maintaining a pool is a highly important task and we know not everyone wants to deal with it. It’s always best to choose a professional pool service company for any swimming pool repairs and maintenance as well as installations of fibreglass pool linings. We specialize in fibreglass pools and through years of experience, we have become experts in any pool repairs you may need.

Pool Repairs and maintenance range from:

1. Coping and paving repairs
2. Removing bulges
3. Moving and repairing pumps, filters and salt water chlorinators.
4. Detecting and repairing leaks
5. Pressure testing of pipes
6. Replacing faulty pipes.
7. Replacing old and leaking skimmer boxes and underwater lights.

With our vast experience and product knowledge, Sundance Pools can be relied upon to give you great service and peace of mind when it comes to all types of fibreglass pool repairs. Contact us to find out more.