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Sundance Pools has manufactured and installed over fifteen thousand fibreglass pools since it was established as a pioneer in the pool building industry in Cape Town. All the experience gained from those installations has been passed on, evolved and improved upon by the various loyal and hard-working installers who have served the company so well over time.

The challenge has been to keep the company on top of its game. By doing this the company can look into the future with confidence and keep our swimming pool prices competitive.

Swimming pool installation process:

Installing a fibreglass swimming pool is usually a straight forward operation but some sites and projects are challenging. A mark out appointment is made with the client by our site manager and all the details of the installation are discussed and signed off in that meeting. The excavation and removal of the soil then starts. This is the messy part. We try our best to dig and remove the ground at the same time but often the diggers dig faster than the ground can be taken away so from time to time there is some stock piling of soil on site but the next job does not start until all the soil from that site has been removed.

The excavation usually takes between one and four days depending on the size and environmental conditions of the site. We take the utmost care not to damage and destroy the garden and we are as unobtrusive as possible, respecting the clients’ property. During the pool installation process, however, the grass around the pool area can get slightly damaged due to foot traffic and wheelbarrows. That is all cleaned and air rated on completion to the best of our abilities. Once the soil has been removed, the fibreglass shell arrives on site and is positioned into the hole. This is the exciting part as our trucks have cranes mounted on them. It is all very dramatic. Sundance Pools is one of two fibreglass pool installation companies with crane mounted trucks that are used for delivery in the Western Cape. These cranes are essential to ensure an easy, damage free delivery for the fibreglass shell and your property.

Fibregalss Pools

Once the swimming pool is in the ground, the levels are taken and the pool is filled with water almost immediately. Depending on the size of the pool, it will take between one and three days to actually fill up the pool with water. During this filling process the backfilling is done so that the water and backfill levels are brought up at the same time. This ensures the pool stays level and that it maintains its shape. While this happens; the pump and filter installation is done, the electrical connection is established and the salt water chlorinator installed if required. Once the pool is full of water a concrete ring beam which we call a collar is cast around the top of the pool. This slab is attached to the fibreglass swimming pool and bridges the gap between the pool and the original soil. This prevents the paving from caving in after a period of time which is a common occurrence with fibreglass swimming pools where the collar is not cast. Many installation companies do not cast a collar to save costs.

Once the collar has been cast the paving is prepared. Whether its brick, simulated clay or ceramic tiles that you choose, our experienced paving crews do a brilliant job finishing off the installation. We believe that the paving is a vital part of what the client actually sees, so a lot of attention is given by us to the quality of the paving.

After the paver has made the pool dirty with his cement the pool is made operational, cleaned and chemicalized. The Barracuda is installed and away you go. All the rubble is removed and the garden around the pool is tidied and perfected.

A beautiful, sparkling swimming pool is handed over to the very excited client after being shown how everything works and whose kids are only too keen to claim the first swim. An instruction booklet is left with the client as is the 10 year structural guarantee.

We leave the site with a happy customer who’s lifestyle is about to change forever. The pleasure is never ending.

Contact Sundance Pools today for the ulitmate swimming pool installations Cape Town has to offer.

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