Swimming Pool Filters

Why you should use us for your swimming pool filters:

Sundance Pools services are used by many building contractors on a continual basis. The builder will construct the actual filling pool but requires the skills of a professional pool builder to install the swimming pool filters and other filtration equipment. It is in these cases that Sundance Pools are called in when the building process of the swimming pool begins. Many times it is required for the skimmer box, aimflows, underwater lights and water features to be installed as the bricklaying is happening. Installation of filters can vary so much that, depending on what system is needed, the pool filter prices may be effected.

The pipes and electrical cables from these fittings are laid to the area where the pumps and filters are situated. Pressure testing of the pipes are carried out to ensure there are no leaks before concrete is poured around the pool area. We will then pull out of the site until such a time when we are needed to completely the project. It is at this time that the filtration equipment is installed along with theĀ fibreglass lining.

Many of the projects for installing swimming pool filters are for complicated pools such as

  1. Rimflow pools
  2. Spillway pools
  3. Hotel and public pools
  4. Lap pools
  5. Spa pools
  6. Standard pools.

All these requisitions have diverse filtration needs with the majority of them obliging two or more pumps and pool channels additionally other specific equipment.

The equipment we install ranges from

  1. Swimming pool pumps and filterss of various brands and sizes to suit the specific swimming pool needs
  2. Piping: it is extremely important to install the correct diameter and grade piping to suit the filtration equipment being installed so as to maximize its full capacity
  3. Pool heating either solar or heat pumps
  4. Salt water chlorinators
  5. Ozonisers
  6. Water purifiers such as E-Clear and Blue Lagoon
  7. Automatic pool fillers
  8. Overflow pipes
  9. Spa jets
  10. Water features
  11. Pool covers and nets
  12. Stainless steel features and hand rails
  13. Cleaning equipment and automatic pool cleaners.

Sundance Pools has the experience and knowledge to advise and work with builders and home owners to direct them into making the correct decisions regarding the workings of a pool and installing swimming pool filters. We have seenĀ  countless times over the years where builders have carried out pool filtration equipment installations without the guidance of a swimming pool professional.

Down the line it has cost the client a huge amount of money to carry out the necessary pool repairs to make to pool fully functional than it would have cost to pay a fraction of that to have the pool professional do the job in the first place.

Make the right decision and call Sundance Pools for advice and a free quote.