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Chopper Gun vs Hand Laminating

How effective is the Chopper Gun method?

In August 2013 Sundance Pools purchased a Chopper Gun and with the help of an expert operator provided by the supplier, we made a few fibreglass shells. We were not satisfied with the end result and had to get the pools to up to the high standard Sundance Pools are known to deliver by hand laminating extra layers onto the shell. The inconsistent thickness of the finished product was of a major concern to us as well as the general lacking of shell thickness.

Chopper Gun

Our Concerns

Since then we have had the chopper gun just standing in our factory and are not prepared to commit to this “modern technology” until we are satisfied that it can produce the quality we are known for. Some opposition companies say that hand lamination is only done by companies who do not/cannot “invest” in the chopper gun. We have one and we are not prepared to use it due to the lack of quality it produces.

The only benefit we can see in using this technology is that fewer materials are used as the shell produced by the chopper gun is thinner. The overall material costs are therefore less and less labour is needed. These aspects result in a less costly shell and installation which is great for the clients pocket initially but could be detrimental in the long run. Our relationship with our client goes far deeper than just producing the cheapest product quickly. We aim to deliver quality that will last for many years to come.

So, why are we not using this technology if we have it? Very simply, we want to deliver only the best and highest quality of product.


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