Pool Covers

Swimming Pool Covers 

With an affiliation with a top quality Pool Covers supplier in South Africa, Sundance Pools is committed to providing only the best in swimming pool protection. With solar swimming pool covers, you can rest assured your pool is protected from evaporation and debris year round. If you’re looking for a new swimming pool cover feel free to enquire.

Types of Pool Covers

We stock 400 and 500-micron solar pool covers to suit your needs, ready to order at your convenience.

How to Use a Pool Cover

Pool covers can be used all year round and are placed over the water of your pool, anchored to the edges. It’s best to use the cover during windy seasons, and during Summer the pool cover is especially useful to protect it from evaporation.

The Benefits of Pool Covers

Pool covers are used to prevent water evaporation by protecting it from the sun. The pool cover also stops dirt and debris from dirtying your pool, and when it comes to the safety of your family, excellent in stopping children or pets from falling into the water.

Solar Pool Covers also go a long way in regulating the temperature of your swimming pool, keeping your water warm all year round.

We’re Proud Suppliers of Solar Pool Covers in Cape Town

We stock solar blankets featuring welded seams to “anchor” the cover to the sides of your pool. Upon order, delivery will be 7 to 10 working days. Your pool cover will normally have 2 seams running lengthwise along its edges, and is cut from 1.3m wide plastic.

Not only do we supply solar pool blanket covers, but we install them too. Due to the current water restrictions in place pool covers have become a requirement to ensure water isn’t wasted via evaporation.

If you’re interested in purchasing a cover from us, please contact Marijke on 0823727972, or fill out the contact form below to order your Pool Cover today.


  • Orders will be fulfilled between 7 and 10 working days after payment has been made
  • Full payment is required before the order can be processed
  • Delivery and fitting is a highly recommended optional extra.
  • There are 2 seams running lengthwise. So the cover anchors in place in the pool.

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