Pool Mosaics South Africa

Mosaic patterns have adorned man-made bodies of water for centuries. Originating in Mesopotamia, global artists have continued to work in mosaic form for over 4 000 years, from the luxurious pools and spas of ancient Roman palaces to modern-day masterpieces, intricate mosaic pattern tiles can transform swimming pools into works of art with Swimming Pool Mosaic Tiles.

Mosaic tiling is made from any combination of materials like glass, ceramic, porcelain or stone that is designed in a small format and set on a mesh sheet for easy installation to add a subtle pop of needed colour into your life.

Mosaic Patterns

Swimming Pool Mosaics South Africa

Pool mosaic tiles offer the perfect finish to your fibreglass pool and it can also double as a waterline guide for your swimming pool. Our swimming pool mosaic designs come in many different patterns, from the elaborate and shimmering iridescent collections to the traditional blues and whites. Swimming pool mosaic tiles are an excellent accent for any pool, spa or wet area. Offering the homeowner the perfect opportunity to create a truly unique and beautiful design.

Here is a collection of the Luxor Mosaics we do:

Fibreglass Pool Mosaics

Why settle for the same old textbook swimming pool design? Be the envy of the neighbourhood and get creative with our selection of pool tile mosaics to give you that sense of personalised satisfaction.