Pool Renovations

Pool renovations vary from a basic fibreglass pool re-linings to a complete change of pool shape. Most swimming pool renovations are re-vamping existing pools that are old and tired. New skimmer boxes, aimflows, underwater lights and piping are installed as well as new copings or paving. swimming pool filters and other pool equipment are upgraded, if necessary, at the same time. From time to time we are asked to change the shape of an existing pool completely. This we do by building one or two new walls inside the existing structure and re-locating the necessary fittings needed to make water circulation affective. Most of the time the pool surface is finished off with a fibreglass pool lining which is the recommended method of sealing.

Pool renovations are chosen for the following reasons:

  1. They need the space where the pool is for other reasons like building extensions.
  2. They want a smaller or bigger pool to suit their family needs.
  3. The pool they have does not suit the house renovation style they have done
  4. The pool is too deep or too shallow
  5. The pool is in the wrong position in their garden
  6. The pool is becoming problematic. For example:  it’s loosing water, has hairline cracks around the top or something of that nature.
  7. The pool is starting to cost money to maintain and is looking bad.
  8. The client decides something needs to be done to sort out the basic problems and they might as well make a few changes to the pool at the same time.

Sundance Pools has often installed a fibreglass pool from their wide range of swimming pool designs inside an existing concrete pool. Fibreglass pools could be bigger or smaller or laid out in a different direction to suit the client’s needs. The fibreglass pool is inserted into the hole where the previous pool was in and compacted to level off the area. Once the new swimming pool is installed one would never know there had been another pool in that area.

Water features and solar heating are also often installed which many more people are opting for over more recent times.

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