Swimming Pool Water Restrictions

With Cape Town going through a drought, all Capetonians are doing their part to save water. Thus it’s fair for swimming pool owners or potential owners to feel concerned about where they stand in the water crisis. Are pool renovations allowed? Can I have a swimming pool installed, or am I liable to a fine for owning a pool? These are all questions we get asked frequently in regards to water restrictions and your swimming pool.

Firstly, no one is restricted from owning a swimming pool. You are only required to fill or top up your pool with non-potable water to avoid wasting precious drinking water. At Sundance pools we offer an additional pool-filling service with our tanker of non-potable water, where we will deliver your pool water to you with your swimming pool installation. Feel free to make an enquiry to find out more about this additional service.

Water restrictions also require that swimming pool owners keep a pool cover over their pool whenever the pool is not in use. This prevents the valuable water from evaporating and ensures you don’t need to frequently top-up your pool. We supply our customers with solar pool covers for the most effective protection from the elements, and these covers come cut-to-size to best fit your pool.

When it comes to pool renovations, we understand the concern when it comes to water wastage. Repairs or renovations cannot go underway in a full swimming pool. If you don’t want to waste water, hold up using pool cleaners and chlorine for a few days before using your pool water to wash your car and windows, or use the water to flush toilets or water your garden. This puts your water to good use!

Additionally, at Sundance pools, we use water bladders to store your pool water while we complete renovations or repairs on your swimming pool. This comes at an additional cost, but the costs are significantly less than sourcing replacement non-potable water for your pool, and as touched on above it’s illegal to fill your pool with municipal drinking/tap water.

With these these methods of saving water, water restrictions and your pool can coincide in peace. You can enjoy your sparkling pool all year long guilt-free, and the dams will thank you for your efforts!

For more useful information here’s some helpful tips and tricks on how to continue saving water in other areas of your home and lifestyle. And here are the laws and regulations in place in regards to water usage.